Chicago 2018 Itinerary

GTW Chicago Road Trip

Nov. 9-11, 2018


Bus leaders

Bus 1: Kandace Chapple – 231-313-0013 or Kerry Winkler – 231-620-4025

Bus 2: Sherry Galbraith – 231-409-1528 and Jennifer Lake – 231-357-1975

Bus 3: Sarah Brown – 231-883-7481

Bus 4: Heather Leigh – 231-758-4857






7:15 a.m. – Traverse City pick up – loading begins

  • Meijer, 3955 US 31 S., Traverse City


8:00 a.m. – Depart Traverse City SHARP*


  • Please arrive at 7:15 a.m. at Meijer in Traverse City, Car Wash Parking Lot. PARK NEXT TO THE CAR WASH (not next to the buses). You can leave your car parked here for the weekend, at your own risk. Meijer has OK’d it.
  • Buses will have a number posted in their window. Look for your bus # and the woman hosting your bus. This gal will answer your questions and help with luggage tags, goodies and, most importantly, wine opening.
  • Do NOT board a bus without checking in and getting a luggage tag. This is considered the “check-in” process. Once you get a luggage tag, put it on your suitcase. There will be a bus driver there to load it under the bus for you.
  • You are allotted ONE suitcase per person. This is stored under the bus. You must take any other carry-on with you and keep it in your seat or in the overhead storage above your seat. Keep it small and packable, thank you! All buses are FULL with no extra seats so please seat yourself accordingly and try not to lounge on your neighbor (at least not until the wine starts).
  • Outside food, adult beverages and soft drinks are allowed on the bus.
  • There will be sections of the bus reserved for groups with friends getting picked up in Cadillac or GR. Please respect the signage on the bus reserved for these gals so they are able to sit together. Thanks!
  • The first few ROWS on both sides of the aisle on each bus are reserved for the hostesses and boxes of wine (VIP). These are marked reserved. Please sit beyond those rows. It is first come, first seated on each bus except where marked for GR and Cadillac passengers. You will have the same seat all weekend – both on the way there and on the way back so get comfy!
  • Once we are on our way, we will hand out goodies. You will also receive your show tickets – do not lose them! Each ROOM will also receive ONE complimentary bottle of L. Mawby wine. We will also have games and prizes en route as well as wine we’ve brought to share a toast with everyone.
  • There is a small bathroom on the bus.


9:00 a.m.Cadillac pick up

  • Exit 183 off US-131 Boon Rd. Park and Ride.
  • Street address: 9902 E Boon Rd Cadillac, Mi 49601
  • From northbound US – 131 turn left/east onto Boon Rd. in Cadillac. Lot is on right/south.
  • From southbound US -131 turn left/east onto Boon Rd. in Cadillac. Lot is on right/south.
  • MapQuest pin:


10:30 a.m. Grand Rapids pick up

  • Location: Walmart Exit 67 off I-196
  • Address: Walmart, 4542 Kenowa Ave SW, Grandville, MI 49418.
  • Park on the west side of Walmart’s parking lot – by the hotel side. You can leave your car parked here for the weekend, at your own risk. Walmart has OK’d it.
  • We will have a 15 min. restroom break.






  • Arrive at lunch stop between 11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Chicago Time
  • ALL buses stop here for a 45 min. lunch break.
  • Chesterton, IN, Exit 26A off I-94.
  • Buses park at/near: Long John Silvers, 715 Plaza Dr., Chesteron, IN.
  • There are a variety of fast food options so we can spread out. Lunch is not included and is on your own. Do not choose a sit-down restaurant for lunch.
  • You are welcome to get the food to-go and eat on the bus.
  • Depart lunch between 12:30 p.m. – 1 p.m.Depending on when your bus arrived, you will be departing 45 mins. after arrival. This staggered arrival makes it easier for area restaurants and our eventual mob scene at the hotel!! LOL Be sure to listen to your bus leader on the TIME of DEPARTURE.




  • Arrive at hotel between 2:30-3 p.m.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile
  • 165 E Ontario Street, Chicago, IL  60611
  • p: 312.660.2437,
  • Each room includes 2 queen beds, a mini fridge and coffeemaker and one bathroom.
  • There are NO microwaves in the rooms and there is NO continental breakfast.
  • Food options at the hotel:
    • CopperFox Restaurant is located in the lobby, open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. They also serve room service.
    • Starbucks: Also located in the lobby is open from 7am-6pm.
  • Wifi is free. You log in with your last name and room number.
  • You will need a key to get to every floor in the hotel, so make sure everyone keeps a key on them at all times.



  • Please remain on the bus until you’ve been given your key by your bus host.
  • Check-in is at 4 p.m. They are trying to get our group in closer to 3 p.m.
  • There is NO porter service included. You may ask/tip porters as you’d like.
  • You will be handed your key and then please exit and get your luggage from under the bus to take to your room. You must take any carry-on luggage with you off the bus or you can leave it on the bus for the entire weekend. You will have access to the bus FRIDAY night when we go to the show. Otherwise, you will not see the bus again until Sunday AM. The buses are locked for the weekend but please do not leave valuables on the bus.
  • You do not need to check in at the hotel registration desk unless you want to order amenity services on your own credit card, like “in room” movies, cash bar, etc.
  • Please be patient as there will be a line for the elevator. Last year we were all checked in within 30-45 minutes. The wine on the way down will ensure your mood is chipper and the line is a total riot (in a good way).
  • EAT dinner on your own before the show – it will be a long wait at area restaurants so plan accordingly! Dinner is not included in your package. Eat early so you don’t miss the bus to the show.
  • This is a non-smoking hotel. It is a $250 charge for smoking. The hotel WILL enforce it.


6:30 p.m.Load buses in front of hotel for a ride to the show. Ride your same bus.

6:45 p.m.Depart for show. Tickets were handed out on the bus earlier in the day. There are no replacements or refunds. Bring your tickets! We are not checking in as a group – each person will go through admittance/have their individual ticket taken.

NOTE: You may choose to NOT use the bus to get to/from the show and instead arrive there on your own. We will not be doing a headcount so be prompt if you’d like to use the bus transportation. We have been asked to arrive at the show by 7 p.m.


7:00 p.m.  – Arrive at Oriental Theatre

24 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL 60603


7:30-10:00 p.m.Hello, Dolly!– check your tickets for section/area. There is a cash bar.

10:15 p.m.– Load buses and depart theater. You have time to use the bathroom and then head out to the bus.

10:30 p.m.– Arrive back at hotel, get some sleep or paint the town red!





7:30 a.m.: Meet in hotel lobby if you are riding the motor coach to the Hot Cider Hustle.( The motor coach ride is offered at no additional cost. You must, however, register for the race on your own. This is optional and race registration is not included in your package. We have about 20 women planning to do this. Race starts at 8:30am

Montrose Harbor
601 West Montrose Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613




Breakfast is not included in your package and is on your own.

Breakfast options at the hotel:

Some nearby restaurants include:

ALL DAY ON YOUR OWN – Enjoy this time to explore and shop Chicago.



8:30 a.m.– There is NO porter service, please bring bags down. It is one bag per person with your luggage tag on it as we started with on Friday. Any other bags you have acquired (ahem), bring downstairs too and give to your bus driver to load under YOUR bus (make sure it is the correct bus #!). It will be your job to make sure that extra bag comes off at your drop-off location, so don’t forget it! Ideally these need your NAME ON THEM. The bus driver will only be responsible for the one tagged piece of luggage.

8:45 a.m. – Load buses. Must be checked in on bus. Please get on same bus you came on and in the SAME SEAT. Please do not move your seat. It causes confusion and delay when we are in a weakened state!

9:00 a.m. – Depart Chicago at 9 a.m. SHARP*
This is 9 a.m. Chicago time (10 a.m. Michigan time)



10:00 a.m.OPTIONAL Break in Chesterton, IN, Exit 26A off I-94. Optional: Your bus may choose to continue on until Grand Rapids if the hosts so chooses (she will take a vote!).

  • Park at: Long John Silvers, 715 Plaza Dr., Chesteron, IN.
  • Lunch/brunch is on your own.



2 p.m.Grand Rapids drop off at Walmart Exit 67 off I-196. This time may be 45 min. sooner if buses choose to skip the Chesterton stop.

  • Address: Walmart, 4542 Kenowa Ave SW, Grandville, MI 49418.
  • ALL buses stop for a restroom break.

3:45 p.m.Cadillac drop off-Exit 183 off US-131 Boon Rd. Park and Ride. This time may be 45 min. sooner if buses choose to skip the Chesterton stop.

  • Exit 183 off US-131 Boon Rd. Park and Ride.
  • Street address: 9902 E Boon Rd Cadillac, Mi 49601

4:45 p.m.Traverse City drop off – Arrive back in Traverse City at Meijer. This time may be 45 min. sooner if buses chooses to skip the Chesterton stop.