Press Releases & Article Submissions

Email your press release to Grand Traverse Woman for consideration.


  • Publication: Grand Traverse Woman
  • Focus: Women ages 25-65 in the Grand Traverse Region
  • Frequency: bi-monthly
  • Circulation: 10,000
  • Authors: Press releases about Northern Michigan businesses only
  • Format: We only accept e-mailed submissions.



We no longer publish free press releases. We now offer Digital Press Releases for minimal cost. Info below:


  • WHEN: You can run your press release in any issue of GTWoman’s E-News. They go out every Tuesday.
  • FORMAT: Written in THIRD person (do not use “I” or “we”)
  • LENGTH: 100 words or less
  • COST: $90
  • REQUIREMENTS: Press releases must be about NEWS and women-oriented. New positions, people, etc. Press releases should be in .txt (text only) or .doc (Word) format.
  • SEND TO: Press releases should be emailed to your ad rep or may be sent to
  • PHOTOS: Email a color photo with your press release if you’d like to submit one. Photos should be color and in .jpg file format. Any file over 1MB is not accepted. Please resize as needed.


We specialize in essays written in first-person. Topics include a wide range: starting a business, motherhood, recreation, grief, inspiration, entertainment, health and more. Check out a current issue to see the types of articles we like.

Who writes for GTW? Local women who have a story to tell. Many of our writers are not professional journalists—they are volunteers who write from the heart as if talking to a close friend, something our readers appreciate. GTW specializes in featuring the emotional “story behind the story.”

What format are the stories? First person from the author’s point of view. They run around 900 words long.

How are stories assigned? Women interested in writing for GTW can email a one-paragraph description of their intended story. The editorial staff will review these ideas to determine which ones best fit the style of the magazine and upcoming themes. After a writer has been given the “greenlight” on an idea, she will write the full story and submit it to the editor via email in a Word document.

How do I submit my idea? Email your paragraph to We need at least 60 days lead time on any time-sensitive idea.

What else is involved with submitting a story? Once their paragraph is approved and they are turning in the finished story, writers should also include…

  • a short bio (1-2 lines) about the writer that is at the end of the story. Writers should include their name as they want it to appear and any contact info—such as email and website—that they want to share with readers. This is a great way to add exposure to a business or a cause among GTWs 24,500 pass-a-long readers.
  • a high-resolution photo of the writer for publication. (Images size should be at least 1 MB or 300 dpi or higher.)

When will it be published? We don’t guarantee which issue a story will appear in. It always depends on space and advertising sold for any issue (which determines the page count). When published, the issue will be posted online as to share with friends and family anywhere. Writers may also pick up several complimentary copies at newsstands and/or at the next GTWoman Network Nite.

Do I get paid? Writers receive two complimentary tickets to the next GTW Network Nite event as special thanks for their story contribution. Writers do not receive monetary compensation.

I’m an advertiser – do I get preference? Advertisers go through the same process. GTW tries to avoid stories that come across as self-promotional. Instead, GTW asks advertisers to think of their “story behind the story” and have them write about why they launched their business, what obstacles they overcame, how their world changed and things like that. Again, the emotional pull to the story. Once an advertiser’s story has been submitted and approved, GTW often considers those stories first when selecting stories for the next issue. (We ❤️ our advertisers!) And while GTW does not guarantee anyone getting a story in any one issue, we always work with writers to hone their stories in an engaging and inspiring way that will fit in our pages!

FIRST STEP: If you would like to submit an idea, please email Kandace at We look forward to bringing a variety of women’s voices to our publication and appreciate your submission.

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