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Advertise in the only magazine for Northern Michigan women! If women are your target market, Grand Traverse Woman Magazine has some great advertising opportunities for you!

GTWoman’s  July/Aug 2020
Motherhood & Home Issue

Ad Reservations Due:  June 22



We are working on the HOME ISSUE dovetailed into our MOTHERHOOD ISSUE for our GTWoman July/Aug Digital edition.

Why place your digital ad in GTWoman?  Because women are the #1 consumer and they set high standards.  She will have loyalty to her purchases and make those same decisions for herself, her family and at her place of business. Studies show that for advertising invested in women, the return will come back with those in her family and place of business as well.

If you haven’t had a chance to see our new digital format, check out the May/June issue here. It’s phenomenal – with access for both advertisers and writers to be featured!

Email or call me today to place your ad or get an ad quote.  Ad reservations due June 22nd, drop dead ad copy due June 26th.

Reach Kerry at (231)276-5105 or

More info on digital editions of  the GTWoman 

We will continue to deliver a strong product and to stay at the forefront with your clients as we move to online for this issue, along with many other businesses moving to online right now.  We will help the community to stay connected and support each other more than ever!  We are excited to continue to work with you on advertising in a digital format.

Our main link on our drop down menu will be for the Page View (FULL ISSUE) and their clickable ads can be seen as folks read through the issue.  We will also provide the link to the advertiser section in GTW Enews and Facebook promotions.  And we will also be promoting the individual articles in enews to drive traffic to the main issue for more exposure for advertisers.

Digital Issue distribution points:

  • Enews Mailing List (3K+)
  • Facebook  (6K followers)
  • GTWoman website (10K monthly visitors)
  • We will also be delivering our issue in various other ways with callouts on social media and our enews with spotlights on articles to draw customers in to view the issue.  We have a great social media and online presence to deliver our content.

There will be no print issues on newsstands or mailed. We have decided against a print issue as we don’t anticipate we will be able to distribute in physical locations any time soon.

Call or email Kerry today to learn more about advertising in this issue.
Call or Text 231.276.5105

Why advertise in GTWoman? Because women have a multiplier effect.  Women serve many roles within their family as well as at the workplace. They purchase products and services on behalf of these people as well. They are multiple markets in one.

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Grand Traverse Woman is the only magazine that serves women who live, work and play in Northern Michigan. Published by twin sisters, Kandace Chapple and Kerry Winkler, the magazine features articles on health, family, career, education and more. Every other month, 10,000+ copies are distributed woman-to-woman – you’ll find GTWoman at women’s organizations and clinics, ob/gyn and pediatrician offices, grocery stores, beauty salons and other locations in the five-county region. Anywhere women are!