3 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Give Up Coffee in 2017

We use coffee to wake us up in the morning & as a kickstarter for anytime of the day. Here’s 3 reasons why you shouldn’t give up your coffee as a New Years resolution:

1. Get a healthy heart: A study done by the Preventative and Clinical Investigations Centre, France showed that people who consume several cups of coffee or tea daily have lower blood pressure & lower heart rates than those people who don’t have them. It’s believed flavonoids may help to relax the blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

2. Lose weight: Research at Melbourne’s Griffith University shows that drinking coffee can help you to lose weight. The current PhD study is showing that a coffee in the morning is decreasing hunger & increasing fullness which in turn will assist in weight management.

3. Prevent stroke: Several Swedish studies have shown that coffee consumption may provide a reduced risk of having a stroke. In particular, a study involving 34, 670 Swedish females who drank more than a cup of coffee per day, showed that they had a reduced risk of stroke by up to 25%. It is thought that the naturally occurring antioxidants in coffee may provide this benefit.

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