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The Four Essential Linchpins Of SEO

The Four Essential Linchpins Of SEO

When those new to SEO hear an SEO company explain that there are hundreds of ranking factors that Google takes into account within its algorithm, it is understandable that they may think SEO too complicated for them to have anything to do with it. Whilst there no denying that those who provide SEO services, such as an SEO agency, utilise the vast skills and experience of those who work within them, SEO may not be as complicated to understand as you might think.

Whilst we say that we also emphasise that to get SEO right and to take the actions needed to improve the rankings of a website, we do recommend that you approach an SEO agency. They will have all the knowledge, and more importantly, the tools, resources and software needed to make your SEO campaign successful.

Nevertheless, the more you know about SEO, then the more effective those conversations are going to be with your SEO agency. Being able to articulate what you would like your SEO campaign to achieve, and to understand any feedback from the SEO experts you employ, will always be preferable to you engaging with them having no knowledge whatsoever of SEO yourself.

For example, did you know that there are four basic pillars of SEO that almost all SEO campaigns focus upon? These four linchpins of SEO invariably have to be present, as if any one of them is disregarded, the entire SEO campaign is compromised. Here are those four SEO linchpins:

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