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7 Important Extras To Look For When Hiring Your Wedding Car

7 Important Extras To Look For When Hiring Your Wedding Car

There is plenty to arrange and organise for a wedding, from hiring the venue, sending invitations, organising catering and drinks to day spa visits for the upcoming bride. With some matters being given more attention to detail than others, unfortunately, when it comes to hiring their wedding cars, couples often forget to check essential extras are either included or arrangements made to have them included.

We are referring to wedding car extras because, whilst normal car hire is a case of simply getting a reliable and clean car to drive, with wedding car hire, there is more to it than just a car and a driver turning up. Many of these extras should be considered essentials which, thankfully, many wedding car hire companies now include within the price.

If you are wondering what the extras we are referring to are and hopefully want to know them to ensure you include them with your wedding car hire, here are seven of the most important. Note some of these extras will depend on the make and model of the wedding car; some will be included, and others you may have to request when booking your wedding cars.

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