7 Top Tips For Grooming Your Dog From The Pros

One task that many people wish they could do like the pros is dog grooming. We say, “many people”, but we really mean dog owners who dream of having the ability to give their dog’s coat the first-class grooming that they receive when they take them to a professional dog groomer.

To be able to groom dogs as well as the professionals from, would take lots of training and additionally experience, but there is nothing to stop you from following professional dog grooming tips to make the grooming you give your dog the best it can be. And, it just so happens we have 7 tips from dog grooming pros below.

Go For Walkies Before Grooming: This is such an easy tip to implement, but strangely few dog owners think of it when they are about to groom their dog. What you are doing is burning off much of the energy your dog has by taking them for a walk, and more so if you play games like fetch. Back home, your dog has less energy to mess about and be uncooperative. It also helps enormously with nervous dogs as they have less nervous energy to expend.

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How To Choose The Right Personalised Pyjamas

 Just like personalised santa sacks on Christmas day, with so much involved in planning your big wedding day, small features like personalised pyjamas may not feature highly on your to-do list. Although, there are plenty of reasons why they should.

Personalised pyjamas can be a standout feature of any hens’ party while also being an ideal ‘thank you’ gift for the special people making up your bridal party. However, before you go ahead and buy what you believe will be the best sets for the job, here are a few things to consider first.

The Personalisation Options

How does your chosen company personalise the pyjamas? Some companies offer embroidery, while others opt for screen printing. Both are more than suitable for most occasions, but awareness of your options can allow you to make an easier decision.

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Coconut: The Most Sustainable Plant in the World

We are living in a society where our natural resources are being heavily consumed every day, placing pressure on the planet & affecting environmental, economical & social systems. As consumers we need to seek products which are more sustainable for our planet. So what do we really mean when we say ‘sustainable’?

The term sustainability relates to environmental sciences where the aim is to avoid being harmful to the earth & cease from depleting its natural resources whilst supporting long-term ecological balance. So where do we start? Lets look at the humble coconut tree which provides nutrition, fuel & shelter for many communities.

The cultivation of coconuts is one of the most sustainable practices in the world as it uses every part of the plant for a myriad of different functions. Many different cultures recognise the significance of this tree for commercial & domestic uses & it is commonly known as The Plant of Life. Holistic uses of the coconut tree include:

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bridesmaid robes

Best Patterns and Materials for Bridesmaid Robes

Deciding to purchase bridesmaid robes for your bridal party as gifts is a reasonably easy decision to make. You know they are practical gifts while also being personal, well thought out, and affordable.

You may have thought the hard part was finding a reputable stockist in Australia. However, it can sometimes be even harder to choose patterns and materials you like.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on a style your recipients will love, we’ve included some of the most popular patterns and materials below. Any of these are bound to be adored by those who receive your thoughtful gift.

Cotton Material

Given the wide range of material options you have at your disposal for any clothing type, you may wonder why cotton is one of the best options for robes. Cotton is a natural fibre used widely around the world, with over 25 million tons of it produced for clothing each year.

Cotton is an all-weather textile that insulates you on a cold day but keeps you cool on a warm summer’s day. It also rarely causes an allergic reaction and is incredibly comfortable to wear. The icing on the cake is that cotton has very few chemicals in its creation compared to some synthetic fibres.

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What is Gluten

Should you be gluten free?

Going gluten free has become increasingly popular over the last decade. It’s even considered hip to be “g-free”! But is it right for you? If you experience fatigue, headaches, bloating, gas or diarrhoea after eating wheat & gluten containing products, you could be suffering from an intolerance & avoiding gluten will reduce these unpleasant symptoms. If your symptoms are very severe you should be tested by your medical practitioner for coeliac disease, a condition which triggers an immune reaction & prevents the absorption of nutrients in your digestive system causing malnourishment & damage to the small intestine.

According to Don Chisholm, author of “Have you got the guts to be really healthy?” the reason why so many people have wheat & gluten intolerances is due to our current farming methods. Grains are quickly farmed with little time between harvest & planting. Crops are grown in soils full of toxic fertilisers & are genetically modified to be ‘tougher’ so they produce higher yields. These grains are full of toxins & anti-nutrients & contain little nutritional value. It is believed that grains grown in this way are causing gluten intolerances in so many people.

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10 Steps In Preparing For A New Business Website

10 Steps In Preparing For A New Business Website

Whilst it is the web designers that you choose who will do the bulk of the work to design and build your new business website, that does not mean that you have no part to play in its creation. There are several decisions and tasks you must undertake for web designers to be able to complete their work.

Before you panic, thinking that you are going to have to learn website programming or code, rest easy. Whilst having some knowledge of how websites are designed is useful, those are not the tasks we are referring to. Instead, these are tasks related to some of the services required, some decisions about the appearance of your website, and how you can maximise your website’s effectiveness. Here are all ten of them.

Choose A Domain Name: This should match your name or the name of your business. As for the suffix,  dot com should be your first choice, although many of these are already taken. Otherwise opt for dot net,  dot org, or your country’s domain suffix.

Decide Which Hosting Service You Are Using: Many of the performance measures of your website, such as reliability and load speeds, will be influenced by your hosting company and the quality of its servers, so opt for one with a proven track record.

Decide Upon An Email Autoresponder Service: Assuming you want your business to benefit from the many advantages that email marketing can provide, then you need an email autoresponder service. This is where your subscriber list data is stored, and where you create and schedule your emails.

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Spice Up Your Life With Cayenne!

Spice Up Your Life With Cayenne!

We all know of cayenne pepper as a hot spice to add to Asian cuisine. A member of the Capsicum family, cayenne is also known as cow-horn pepper, red hot chili pepper, bird pepper or red pepper. But what you may not know is the amazing health benefits cayenne pepper provides. A very high source of vitamin A, it also contains vitamins B6, E, C as well as minerals potassium & manganese.

Ever heard of the Lemon Detox Diet? Using cayenne as the active ingredient in a combination with lemon juice, maple syrup & water, this regime was spouted as a miracle weight loss – well it would if you weren’t eating any food at the same time! Despite the bad rap during the Lemon Detox fad, research has shown that cayenne can boost metabolism assisting with weight loss. Once consumed, cayenne pepper dilates the blood vessels & speeds up the metabolism with its active component called capsaicin. It also helps to suppress hunger & normalise blood sugar levels.

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The Four Essential Linchpins Of SEO

The Four Essential Linchpins Of SEO

When those new to SEO hear an SEO company explain that there are hundreds of ranking factors that Google takes into account within its algorithm, it is understandable that they may think SEO too complicated for them to have anything to do with it. Whilst there no denying that those who provide SEO services, such as an SEO agency, utilise the vast skills and experience of those who work within them, SEO may not be as complicated to understand as you might think.

Whilst we say that we also emphasise that to get SEO right and to take the actions needed to improve the rankings of a website, we do recommend that you approach an SEO agency. They will have all the knowledge, and more importantly, the tools, resources and software needed to make your SEO campaign successful.

Nevertheless, the more you know about SEO, then the more effective those conversations are going to be with your SEO agency. Being able to articulate what you would like your SEO campaign to achieve, and to understand any feedback from the SEO experts you employ, will always be preferable to you engaging with them having no knowledge whatsoever of SEO yourself.

For example, did you know that there are four basic pillars of SEO that almost all SEO campaigns focus upon? These four linchpins of SEO invariably have to be present, as if any one of them is disregarded, the entire SEO campaign is compromised. Here are those four SEO linchpins:

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3 Steps to Get Your Mojo Back

3 Steps to Get Your Mojo Back

Our modern lifestyle is full of convenience, with constant technological advances making life easier to manage and with information at the tips of our fingers. But why are we still so unhealthy as a nation? Our bodies are no longer functioning as they should and we battle with fatigue, weight gain and brain fog. So how do we make changes for the better? Try these 3 simple steps to reduce inflammation, remove toxins and be at your ideal weight.

Step 1 Alkalise

Our bodies sit on the pH scale between 7.35-7.45, which is slightly alkaline (A pH of 0 is totally acidic, a pH of 14 is completely alkaline and 7 is neutral). However, our 21st Century diet of highly acidic processed foods, sugar and alcohol can cause inflammation in the body. The best way to tackle this inflammation is by alkalising with apple cider vinegar, chlorophyll or green smoothies which will detoxify and cleanse the body naturally whilst helping the body to maintain its alkalinity.

Step 2 Detoxing

Our bodies have natural systems in place to deal with toxins and to protect our cells. However, diet and lifestyle play important protective roles. The easiest thing that we can do is reduce the toxic burden on our body through healthy diet and lifestyle choices. This can be done by removing all processed foods and drinks from our diet and swap for fresh fruits and vegetables. Herbal tonic preparations are also a great way to start as herbs help to support the liver and kidneys whilst helping to eliminate toxic build-up naturally. Choose organic foods where possible as most fruits and veggies are covered in toxic pesticides which are stored in your liver and may cause disease. Remember to look at the ingredients in your skincare and what are you cleaning your house with as manufacturers make products cheap by adding nasty toxic synthetic ingredients.

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How to Choose Your Nut Milk

How to Choose Your Nut Milk

Whether you’re allergic to dairy, lactose intolerant, or vegan, nut milks are a great alternative to cow’s milk. Highly nutritious & a great source of protein, nut milks come in a variety of options which each have their own nutrition & flavour profile.

Almond milk is high in magnesium & vitamin E. Interestingly, almond milk has half the calories of skimmed milk, is low in cholesterol & saturated fat.

Hazelnut milk is a great source of vitamins B1, B2, B6, A & E. It is also rich in folic acid. It also contains the most protein out of all the nut milks.

Cashew milk is a high source of vitamin K, iron & magnesium. It is also the easiest of milks to make.

Coconut milk (depending on your view if a coconut is a nut, seed or fruit!) contains as much dairy as cow’s milk & is a great source of vitamin D. The fat content comprises of medium chain saturated fatty acids which is a better form of fat as it helps to boost energy & metabolism.

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