Best Patterns and Materials for Bridesmaid Robes

Deciding to purchase bridesmaid robes for your bridal party as gifts is a reasonably easy decision to make. You know they are practical gifts while also being personal, well thought out, and affordable.

You may have thought the hard part was finding a reputable stockist in Australia. However, it can sometimes be even harder to choose patterns and materials you like.

If you have a hard time deciding on a style your recipients will love, we’ve included some of the most popular patterns and materials below. Any of these are bound to be adored by those who receive your thoughtful gift.

Cotton Material

Given the wide range of material options you have at your disposal for any clothing type, you may wonder why cotton is one of the best options for robes. Cotton is a natural fibre used widely around the world, with over 25 million tons of it produced for clothing each year.

Cotton is an all-weather textile that insulates you on a cold day but keeps you cool on a warm summer’s day. It also rarely causes an allergic reaction and is incredibly comfortable to wear. The icing on the cake is that cotton has very few chemicals in its creation compared to some synthetic fibres.

Satin Material

As you start your bridesmaid robe shopping journey, you will come to learn that some of the most popular options are made from satin. Aside from being gorgeous, there are many other reasons why you may decide to purchase satin robes.

Satin is a floaty, lightweight fabric that sits beautifully on the wearer. It’s comfortable to sleep in, temperature-regulating, and gentle on the skin with its hypoallergenic properties. The compact structure of silk may also be ideal for people with asthma, especially as it prevents a build-up of microscopic foreign bodies.

Floral Patterns

If you’re looking for a bridal robe that will be fun, vibrant, and stand out from the crowd, floral patterns may be the answer. They can be subtle, appearing on small sections of the robe or making up the entirety of the robe. Both options are bound to suit your bridal party perfectly.

Solid Colours

If you have a specific colour theme in mind for your big day, there’s no harm in choosing bridesmaid robes that complement it. You may be holding bridal parties that require the robes to be worn, or you simply want everything to match. There are a variety of lovely colours to suit your preferences, such as pink, blue, and white.

Lace Detailing

Sometimes, it’s not the colour, pattern, or material that makes a bridesmaid robe stand out; it’s the detailing. Robes with stunning lace around the sleeves and even along the bottom hemming can transform a robe from beautiful to absolutely gorgeous.

The best part is it can be quite subtle. Lace doesn’t have to take up a significant portion of the robe design. It can be dainty and elegant to avoid detracting from the overall beauty of the robe.

Choosing the best patterns and materials for bridesmaid robes can take some time. After all, there are so many options available! However, by understanding which ones are the most popular, you may be able to make your decision based on what’s proving popular in the current wedding scene.