Should you be gluten free?

Going gluten free has become increasingly popular over the last decade. It’s even considered hip to be “g-free”! But is it right for you? If you experience fatigue, headaches, bloating, gas or diarrhoea after eating wheat & gluten containing products, you could be suffering from an intolerance & avoiding gluten will reduce these unpleasant symptoms. If your symptoms are very severe you should be tested by your medical practitioner for coeliac disease, a condition which triggers an immune reaction & prevents the absorption of nutrients in your digestive system causing malnourishment & damage to the small intestine.

According to Don Chisholm, author of “Have you got the guts to be really healthy?” the reason why so many people have wheat & gluten intolerances is due to our current farming methods. Grains are quickly farmed with little time between harvest & planting. Crops are grown in soils full of toxic fertilisers & are genetically modified to be ‘tougher’ so they produce higher yields. These grains are full of toxins & anti-nutrients & contain little nutritional value. It is believed that grains grown in this way are causing gluten intolerances in so many people.

Many people are switching to cooking & baking with ancient grains which are authentic grains that have not been manipulated by modern agriculture. Ancient grains contain higher amounts of amino acids, vitamins & minerals & fibre than today’s genetically modified processed grains. Some ancient grains are low in gluten & many people who are gluten intolerant can tolerate these such as spelt or kamut. Teff is a gluten free ancient grain & is safe to be consumed by Coeliacs.

If you think going “g-free” may be beneficial to you beware of the gluten free food market! Many products are packed with sugar, artificial ingredients & toxic transfats to make them flavoursome. Always check the ingredients list before you buy. Mojo Health has a huge range of gluten free options for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks so visit us instore & chat with our expert team or shop online.

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