7 Important Extras To Look For When Hiring Your Wedding Car

7 Important Extras To Look For When Hiring Your Wedding Car

There is plenty to arrange and organise for a wedding, with some matters being given more attention to detail than others, and unfortunately, when it comes to hiring their wedding cars, couples often forget to check important extras are either included or arrangements made to have them included.

We are referring to wedding car extras because, whilst normal car hire is a case of simply getting a reliable and clean car to drive, with wedding car hire there is more to it than just a car and a driver turning up. Many of these extras should really be considered essentials which thankfully many wedding car hire companies now include within the price.

If you are wondering what the extras we are referring to are, and hopefully want to know them to ensure you include them with your wedding car hire, here are seven of the most important. Note, some of these extras will be dependent on the make and model of the wedding car, some will be included, and others you may have to request when you are booking your wedding cars.

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7 Top Tips For Grooming Your Dog From The Pros

7 Top Tips For Grooming Your Dog From The Pros

One task that many people wish they could do like the pros is dog grooming. We say, “many people”, but we really mean dog owners who dream of having the ability to give their dog’s coat the first-class grooming that they receive when they take them to a professional dog groomer.

To be able to groom dogs as well as the professionals from, would take lots of training and additionally experience, but there is nothing to stop you from following professional dog grooming tips to make the grooming you give your dog the best it can be. And, it just so happens we have 7 tips from dog grooming pros below.

Go For Walkies Before Grooming: This is such an easy tip to implement, but strangely few dog owners think of it when they are about to groom their dog. What you are doing is burning off much of the energy your dog has by taking them for a walk, and more so if you play games like fetch. Back home, your dog has less energy to mess about and be uncooperative. It also helps enormously with nervous dogs as they have less nervous energy to expend.

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How To Choose The Right Personalised Pyjamas

 Just like personalised santa sacks on Christmas day, with so much involved in planning your big wedding day, small features like personalised pyjamas may not feature highly on your to-do list. Although, there are plenty of reasons why they should.

Personalised pyjamas can be a standout feature of any hens’ party while also being an ideal ‘thank you’ gift for the special people making up your bridal party. However, before you go ahead and buy what you believe will be the best sets for the job, here are a few things to consider first.

The Personalisation Options

How does your chosen company personalise the pyjamas? Some companies offer embroidery, while others opt for screen printing. Both are more than suitable for most occasions, but awareness of your options can allow you to make an easier decision.

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bridesmaid robes

Best Patterns and Materials for Bridesmaid Robes

Deciding to purchase bridesmaid robes for your bridal party as gifts is a reasonably easy decision to make. You know they are practical gifts while also being personal, well thought out, and affordable.

You may have thought the hard part was finding a reputable stockist in Australia. However, it can sometimes be even harder to choose patterns and materials you like.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on a style your recipients will love, we’ve included some of the most popular patterns and materials below. Any of these are bound to be adored by those who receive your thoughtful gift.

Cotton Material

Given the wide range of material options you have at your disposal for any clothing type, you may wonder why cotton is one of the best options for robes. Cotton is a natural fibre used widely around the world, with over 25 million tons of it produced for clothing each year.

Cotton is an all-weather textile that insulates you on a cold day but keeps you cool on a warm summer’s day. It also rarely causes an allergic reaction and is incredibly comfortable to wear. The icing on the cake is that cotton has very few chemicals in its creation compared to some synthetic fibres.

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It's Time to Ditch the Diet!

It’s Time to Ditch the Diet!

Nothing is more precious or priceless than your body & your health. We all have times when we want to indulge a little, particularly during the Silly Season & that’s ok. But holiday time is also a good opportunity to reflect on your habits, good & bad, & to make those small changes that can remain long term.

So where do we start?

Firstly, by reducing as much of the toxic burden on our bodies. Unfortunately, toxicity is unavoidable in today’s modern society. When we walk outside we are exposed to thousands of toxins via our lungs, skin & digestive system. Did you know we have a residual burden of over a thousand new-to-nature chemicals which are invented & released into the environment every year? We need to make choices not only about what goes into our mouths but what goes on our bodies as skincare, haircare, perfumes, makeup, deodorants & even toothpastes are full of synthetic toxic chemicals.

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How to Get Good Vibrations

How to Get Good Vibrations

Everything in the universe is energy, every single object whether man made or natural, including our own selves. In fact, nothing is truly solid but is instead made up of microscopic particles that are vibrating at an extremely fast pace. Even though our limited sight as humans doesn’t allow us to see this movement, we can still very much feel it & be very much affected by it on one level or another – either physical, spiritual, emotional, vibrational, and/ or mental.

Ever come away from an interaction with someone & felt really happy & uplifted yet couldn’t completely know why?

Or how about when you’re either sick or feeling much lower & less sparkly than our usual selves?

These are but two examples of the many ways in which we can notice energy in everyday life. Our state of health is also believed to be directly linked to the frequency in which we are vibrating at. Each cell, organ & system has its own vibration & the frequency of which is affected in many ways including by what we eat, drink, think, feel, do, hear & are exposed to. Colours, smells & sounds all have their own varying vibrational frequencies which can influence our own.

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7 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated When You Start Your Fitness Program

7 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated When You Start Your Fitness Program

If there is ever a time when someone who starts a fitness program is going to be at the most risk of giving up, it tends to be not long after they first start. This might sound counterintuitive as it could be argued that someone’s motivation is going to be at its highest when they first set out on their fitness journey. In many cases that is true. However, after the initial surge of determination, many people start seeing their motivation drop quickly for several reasons, which include:

  • Realising the amount of time and effort which are going to be required
  • The early aches and pains as the body becomes used to exercising
  • Knowing their friends and family are out there enjoying themselves whilst they workout
  • Not seeing any noticeable difference in the early stages
  • Seeing that their fitness journey has a long road ahead of it

There are more, but if you are in the early stages of a fitness program, and any of these ring true, even if slightly, then be content that almost everyone has some level of doubt once they begin. The key is not to let those doubts linger or increase, and that can be achieved by using some of the excellent motivational tools and techniques which we have outlined below.

Break Your Fitness Goal Into Milestones: Trying to hit one huge, far-off goal can seem tough, whereas aiming for and hitting lots of smaller goals or milestones is rewarding and motivational. So, instead of losing 24 lbs this year, aim for losing 2 lbs per month which, if achieved, means twelve wins instead of just one.

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3 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Give Up Coffee in 2017

3 Reasons Why You SHOULDN’T Give Up Coffee in 2017

We use coffee to wake us up in the morning & as a kickstarter for anytime of the day. Here’s 3 reasons why you shouldn’t give up your coffee as a New Years resolution:

1. Get a healthy heart: A study done by the Preventative and Clinical Investigations Centre, France showed that people who consume several cups of coffee or tea daily have lower blood pressure & lower heart rates than those people who don’t have them. It’s believed flavonoids may help to relax the blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

2. Lose weight: Research at Melbourne’s Griffith University shows that drinking coffee can help you to lose weight. The current PhD study is showing that a coffee in the morning is decreasing hunger & increasing fullness which in turn will assist in weight management.

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