It’s Time to Ditch the Diet!

Nothing is more precious or priceless than your body & your health. We all have times when we want to indulge a little, particularly during the Silly Season & that’s ok. But holiday time is also a good opportunity to reflect on your habits, good & bad, & to make those small changes that can remain long term.

So where do we start?

Firstly, by reducing as much of the toxic burden on our bodies. Unfortunately, toxicity is unavoidable in today’s modern society. When we walk outside we are exposed to thousands of toxins via our lungs, skin & digestive system. Did you know we have a residual burden of over a thousand new-to-nature chemicals which are invented & released into the environment every year? We need to make choices not only about what goes into our mouths but what goes on our bodies as skincare, haircare, perfumes, makeup, deodorants & even toothpastes are full of synthetic toxic chemicals.

Secondly, through healthy diet & lifestyle choices. Lifestyle change can be harder initially than a perceived ‘lose weight quick’ diet but if we eat the right foods, drink plenty of water & say no to things we just don’t need in our body, then there is no need for drastic measures or painful regimes. Plus, we know they don’t work in the long term! Also, we need to get moving every day as exercise is the single best thing you can do for your overall health & we need to eat REAL food – not skimmed or trimmed, plumped or packaged.

To succeed in a lifestyle change you need to change your life for the long term by making daily choices which reinforce these goals & above all else – ask for help! The expert staff at Mojo Health are here to provide you with the tools for long term lifestyle change & support so you won’t slip back into old habits.

Our body will give us back what we put in. So, what are you putting in yours?

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