How To Choose The Right Personalised Pyjamas

 Just like personalised Santa sacks on Christmas day, with so much involved in planning your big wedding day, small features like personalised pyjamas may not feature highly on your to-do list. Although, there are plenty of reasons why they should.

Personalised pyjamas can be a standout feature of any hen’s party while also being an ideal ‘thank you’ gift for the special people making up your bridal party. However, before you go ahead and buy what you believe will be the best sets for the job, here are a few things to consider first.

The Personalisation Options

How does your chosen company personalise the pyjamas? Some companies offer embroidery, while others opt for screen printing. Both are more than suitable for most occasions, but awareness of your options can allow you to make an easier decision.

The Materials

You want your personalised pyjamas to be affordable, but you also want them to be high-quality. Consider the materials of each pyjama type before you make your purchase.

Some of the best pyjamas come with comfortable satin polyester and spandex blends. These are not only comfortable to wear but cost-effective and easy to care for. Your bridal party can enjoy wearing their pyjamas for years to come.


The overall look of your pyjamas plays a significant part in choosing the best-personalised pyjamas for your wedding. You want them to be beautiful and potentially even match your wedding’s theme. Most options are suitable for summer, with t-shirts, shorts, and singlets all proving to be some of the most popular choices.

The design also incorporates your colour preferences. Many brides-to-be opt for white or pink, but there can also be many other beautiful colour choices from which to choose.


Some businesses offering personalised pyjamas for sale online only provide a few sizes. While the majority of your bridal party may suit the most popular sizes, not all of them will. Make sure you cater to everyone by choosing a business that offers a wide variety of sizes.


When you purchase one pair of pyjamas for yourself, you may not worry about their affordability. After all, you’re only buying one pair.

However, depending on the size of your bridal party, purchasing multiple pairs of personalised pyjamas can eat into your wedding budget. Strike a balance between quality and value. You’re sure to find there are plenty of options to suit your needs while still being of a suitable quality to meet your expectations.

Shipping Costs & Timeframe

One of the hardest things about planning a wedding is making sure you have all the products and services you need to be lined up. There are products to order online and people you need to have turning up at specific times and on particular days.

Your order of personalised pyjamas is another thing to consider, and it’s an important one for your peace of mind that everything will go off without a hitch. Before you place your order, make sure that the business you choose can have your pyjamas personalised and delivered by the date you need them.

However, don’t be afraid to ask the business if they can do a rush order. There’s every reason to believe that they will do their best to accommodate your request.

Even though there can be a lot to consider before purchasing personalised pyjamas, the homework can be worth it. The more research you do, the happier you can be with your final purchase.